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Attribution Links

Attribution Links allows the advertiser to notify DSP about the clicks and conversions on an advertiser’s site.

To start using the postback URL:

  1. Log to your account.
  2. Open Campaigns tab.
  3. Open your banner.
  4. Add the macro $!{tid} in the ad markup or target URL:

For 3rd Party Ad Tag creative, the macro should be added in the ad markup:

For Local creative, the macro should be added in the target URL:

  1. Copy the postback link from Attribution Links Info pane in you DSP on the banner and pass the advertiser.

When the banner the ad markup is executed or the banner is displayed and the target URL is reached, the value for the $!{tid} macro will be generated and displayed in the link. Then the generated value of $!{tid} should be added to the postback URL and fire it to score the conversion.



Tips & Tricks

You can specify up to 3 different events. You can use the event parameter with the values of 0, 1, 2 to count the conversions for different events.

You can pass the conversion price value in a postback with the price parameter.

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Attribution Links

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