Bid Multipliers

This page allows you to manage the bidding adjustments by specific conditions

Bid Multipliers feature is a micromanagement tool that allows applying different multipliers to the bids depending on the traffic source.


Let's take a look at the example of optimization via Bidding Multipliers. Imagine that the traffic comes from a specific site, and we want our bids to be higher than for all other traffic sources.

How to add a Bid Multiplier

In order to add a new bidding multiplier, follow the next steps:

  1. Press the Create New List button in the top-right corner of the Bid Multipliers section. A new list form will be displayed:
  1. Enter the Multiplier name;

  2. Select the Category: Site URL or Bundle, Device Make, Date & Time, or Country;

  3. The Global switcher determines whether the multiplier is used for all campaigns, or if it should be applied to each campaign individually.

  4. Press the Save button. The new list will be displayed in the Bid Multipliers section:

  1. Click the name of the list to edit it.

  2. Press the Add Site URL or Bundle button. You can add new values to the list of multipliers or overwrite the existing list:

  1. Press the Add button when all the settings are done.

You can also export the existing list of Bid Multipliers to CSV file via Export to CSV file

  1. Apply the changes by pressing the Save button. Now when the traffic comes from all the bids will be multiplied by 1.3.

If the list is not Global, it can be added for a given campaign on its card via the Manage Bid Multipliers button:


Bid Multipliers Video Tutorial

Take a look at a short video guide on setting up a bid multiplier in your DSP: