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Bidding Rules

Bidding Rules feature is designed for creating different types of rules that can optimize the bidding according to your specific requirements.

In order to add a new bidding rule press the Create New Rule button in the top-right corner of Bidding Rules section. A new rule form will be displayed:

Enter Rule name and select required values for the rule expression:

  1. The frequency for rule applying from drop-down list Run this rule every
  2. Time period of data for analysis
  3. Conversions, Impressions, Clicks, CPM, CPC, CCR ,CPA, CTR or Spend metric;
  4. =, >, <, <=, or >= sign;
  5. Specify required value;
  6. Select action which will be applied: Pause, Add to List, Increase, Decrease.
  7. Press Save when all the settings are done.

Let's break Bidding Rules down with the examples below:

Case 1. Imagine that you want to limit specific Site or Application to 10000 Impressions. For this you should create the following bidding rule:

This rule means that when the amount of Impressions for specific Site or Application reaches the value of 100 for the period of time specified in Analyze data for the last field, Creatives will be paused for this Site or Application. This rule will be checked for compliance with the condition every 1 hour.

Case 2. Let's assume that you want your Campaign to buy from Site or Application with CPM > 0.1. For this you should create the following bidding rule:

In this case, when the value of CPM for specific Site or Application is 0.1, this Site or Application will be added to the selected Filter. The rule will be applied once a day for the volume of data for the last 1 day. After that, you can apply such Filter for your Campaign.

You can add several expressions in one rule by clicking a plus icon. The conditions will be liked by AND rule

The Global switcher determines whether the rule works for all entities, or if it should be applied to each campaign individually.

If the rule is not Global, it can be added for a given campaign on its card via the Bidding Rules button:

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Bidding Rules

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