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Campaigns panel allows managing and creating Campaigns and Creatives. Table or Column View are available for this panel.

You may easily Pause, Duplicate, Edit or Archive Campaign by clicking on appropriate Actions icon:

Please note that such action(s) will be applied to all Creatives within the Campaign. You can also apply the action(s) to the specific Creative:

In order to create a new Campaign press the Create New Campaign button. New Campaign form will be displayed. Enter Campaign Name and fill out Campaign Settings listed below.

Basic Settings:

  • Flight Dates - timeframe of your Campaign;
  • Lifetime Limits - number of impressions (Max Impressions) or amount of money (Max Spend) this Campaign can buy in course of its lifetime;
  • Daily Limits - number of impressions (Max Impressions) or amount of money (Max Spend) this Campaign can buy daily;
  • Default Bid Price (CPM) - CPM price for Campaign;
  • Frequency Capping (24H) - ad view by unique user per 24 hours.


You can simply optimize your campaign using the following tools:

Recency cap allows to cap the bidding per one user for the specified time in seconds (MIN 60 - MAX 3600)

Exposure time multiplier allows to reduce the bid price exponentially as the number of views per single user increases.

[Bidding rules](bidding rules) is used to filter income traffic due to predefined filters

Bidding Strategy:

  • Normal - will spend as fast as possible.
  • Balanced - will spread out throughout the day. To enable it you must have either Max Impressions or Max Spend.

Targeting options relate to the type of traffic you want to receive from your SSP Partner (only if SSP sends such information). It’s possible to Include or Exclude the following:

  • User's segment - filter traffic by retargeting.;
  • Category - IAB category;
  • Language - user language;
  • Geo-fence;
  • Device hardware;
  • OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS;
  • Browser: Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Opera, IE;
  • User Agent Pattern - User-Agent string;
  • Traffic with missing device id;
  • Block SSP/Source - specify from which SSP traffic will be sent to this campaign;
  • Geo Position: Country, Region, City;
  • Date and time - time in UTC +0

When all the settings are done press Save button. New Creative form will be displayed. You can choose one of the following: Banner, Pop-up, Video, Native.

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