Email Sender

The Email Sender section provides an opportunity to configure automatic mailings.

You can set up a custom domain for sending email notifications if you don't want to use the default email and name.


Enter the value of the sender's name in the Sender Name field and the value of the sender's email in the Sender Email field.

Click the DNS settings button to specify the SPF TXT and DKIM TXT record values for your domains.
For SPF TXT Record Host and SPF TXT Record Value for SPF setup, DKIM TXT Record Host and DKIM TXT Record Value for DKIM setup, contact your domain provider.


Kindly note!

You can manually check the SPF Status and DKIM Status using the Verify button.

You can configure templates for the following types of events:

  • Account verification
  • Billing
  • Forgot your password
  • Feedback

The Event field is unchanged.
In the Subject field, you can write the subject of the letter or the ${subject} macro by the defolt. If the ${subject} macro is used, the email subject will be equal to the Event field.
In the HTML body field, you write the necessary text, using, if necessary, macros from the List of all available dynamic macros.