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Filters section is designed for managing blacklists and/or whitelists to be used for Campaigns Targeting.

The possible Filters are: Domain URL, Site/App ID, Publisher ID, App Name, Device ID, User IP and/or Bundle ID.

In order to add a new Filter, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click Create New List button. Add list pop-up window will be displayed:
  1. Enter your list Name and click Save. Filters list will be displayed, where you can manage the filters: Edit or Delete actions are available:
  1. Click the filter name, then press Add List button. Add list to pop-up window will appear:
  1. Select needed parameter for your list and enter filter elements. Each filter element should be added on a new line.
  2. Click Add button.
    You can easily edit your lists:
  • to add new element click Add List button;
  • to delete check needed element and press Delete button;

Once you create a Filter, it can be used for the Campaigns Targeting.

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