This page allows you to manage allow/block lists to be used for Campaigns Targeting.


When you should use Filters

Let’s say you’re buying in-app traffic from multiple SSPs. Some of the apps you’re buying work really well while others don’t perform as you expect.
In this case you can create a filter that will act as a blacklist and populate it with low performing apps, then apply said filter to the campaign to omit those apps from selling you traffic.

Such Filter types are available:

  • Bundle ID;
  • Site URL;
  • Site/App ID;
  • Publisher ID;
  • App Name;
  • Device ID;
  • User IP;
  • Ad Domain.

In order to add a new Filter, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Create New Filter button.

Add filter pop-up window will be displayed:


Enter your list name and click the Save button

  1. You can edit the list name by clicking the Edit button:
  1. Click the filter name to edit your list. Then press the Create Items button.
  • The Update list pop-up window will appear:

Type elements manually or upload file (.csv, .txt)

  1. Select the needed parameters for your list and enter filter elements. Each filter element should be added from a new line.
  2. Click the APPLY button.

You can easily edit your lists:

  • Click the Update Items button to add a new element.
  • Click the Delete button to delete chosen element.

Once you create a Filter, it can be used for the Campaigns Targeting: