This page is about Geofencing, a type of high-precision location targeting.


When you should use Geo-Fence

If you’re buying media for a local business (apparel chain store), you’d expect to gain more from people around those stores.
In this case geofencing will allow you to target the users within a certain radius from those stores on mobile devices (as only they pass latitude and longitude) to make sure you target users who can easily reach the places of business you’re promoting.

Geo-fence is used to create the lists with precise locations to be used for Campaign Targeting.

In order to add a new Geo-fence list, please follow the next steps:

  1. Log in to your account, go to the Geo-fence tab and click the Add Geo-Fence Set button:
  1. Google Map Interface will be displayed:
  1. Enter the Name for the Geo-fence list.
  1. Specify the required place in Search Location search field or just click on the map, and add a selected item. One Geo-fence list can include several items. Set the required radius. Click the Save button.


Kindly note!

To get reliable results, please use a minimum radius of 100 meters.

  1. Created lists will be displayed in the Geo-fence section, where you can manage them:
  • To add a new item or edit the list click the Edit button.
  • To delete the list press the Delete button;

Once you've created a new Geo-fence list, it can be used for the Campaigns Targeting:


Geo-Fence Video Overview

Watch a 2-min tutorial to see a guided explanation of how geofencing work in a DSP:

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