How to troubleshoot campaigns

Here is what what to do If your campaign underperforms and how to understand why it does so.

Let's assume that you set up a campaign for desktop traffic from the United States and created a Banner creative, but your campaign does not bid for some reason.

You can troubleshoot this issue with the help of the Creative Debug feature:

  1. Go to the Creative page.
  2. Click the ENABLE DEBUG button on the Сreative settings page.
  3. Wait a few minutes after opening the Creative debug information page.
  4. Click the RELOAD STATISTICS button.

The result of the creative debugging.

The Creative Debug information shows the percentage of reasons why there are no bids on incoming requests.

As we can see from the information provided by Creative Debug, our campaign does not bid because of these reasons:

  • SIZES means that 8.152 % of all requests are rejected because the sizes of the creative specified in the requests do not match the actual sizes of the creative.
  • GEO_LOCATION_WHITE means that 91.848 % of all requests are rejected due to the geo-targeting settings — the incoming traffic is not from the United States.
  • DEVICE_TYPE_WHITE means that 48.37 % of all requests are rejected due to the device type targeting settings — the incoming traffic is not from the desktop devices.

To solve this problem, contact your SSP partner to agree on traffic supply and make sure your Targeting is set according to the traffic you're receiving from your SSP.

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