This page allows you to upload the creative once and use it in any setup you want.

In the Library tab, you can upload an image or video file for later use when creating a creative.
Then your creatives will be available for simple Banner, Native, and Video setup:



You can upload image files various formats (.JPG, .PNG, etc) and under 1 MB (but we recommend upload image under 250 Kb).

To upload the creative follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Library tab, then choose Images section and click on the Add New Creative button:
  1. Drag the creative to the drop area or add it from your computer, and then press the Upload button:
  1. If required, add other creatives, or close the upload panel:
  1. To delete an image, click on the trash can icon.


You can upload videos files various formats (.MP4, .AVI, etc) and under 25 MB (but we recommend upload video under 1 MB).

To upload video files choose Videos tab following the previously described steps for the Images tab.



Kindly note!

If necessary, we can increase the weight limit of image or video files.

Further Reading

Take a look at the Creative types that can use the images/videos stored in the library: