Media planning

This page allows you to analyze your incoming traffic and plan your Campaigns accordingly.

Media planning feature is designed to analyse SSPs traffic parameters and use it for Campaigns targeting.

Available Data


The panel displays received data from SSP. The available grouping: Category, Geo Location, Geo-Fence, Language, User-Agent, Os, Browser, Device Type, Device Hwv, Fold Position, Connection Type, Ssp Endpoint, Interstitial, Traffic Type, Ifa, Valid Ifa, Deal, Video Api, Banner Api, Video Mime, Video Rewarded, Carrier, Video Protocol, User Segment, Video Companion Type, Video Max Duration, Video Min Duration, Ext Value, User Keywords, Regs Coppa, Tag Id, Auction Type (list or chart view mode).

You can Get Report for Today, Last 7 days, or Last 30 days:


It is possible to group your report by the following parameters: Site URL, Browser, Country, Type, OS, App Bundle, Size, SSP:


Filtering the Data

Additional filters: Browser, Country, Type, OS, Site URL, App Bundle, Size, SSP are also available:


In case if you want to target your Campaign to any of the website/application's parameters, it's possible to add them to the Filters and then use them for Campaign targeting.

Further Reading

You can use this data to adjust your Campaigns manually or auto-optimize them: