This is the third tab of Campaign settings. You can set the Campaign's optimization settings here.

The optimization tab of your campaign looks like this by default. Let's find out what does each feature mean.


Bidding Strategy

You can set a Bidding Strategy:

  • Normal - will spend your budget as fast as possible.
  • Balanced - will allocate it evenly throughout the day. To enable it you must have Daily Max Spend set in the Basic Settings.


Recency Cap - allows to cap the bidding per one user for the specified time in seconds (MIN 60 - MAX 3600)

Exposure time multiplier - allows to decrease the bid price exponentially as the number of views per single user increases.

Bid Floor Price - Bid Floor Price Incrementer overrides the bid price and forces the campaign to bid with a price that matches the bid floor from incoming requests + the value specified in the Bid Floor Increment field.

Tracking Links

You can set two types of tracking links for the campaign, that can be used for 3rd-party events tracking.

HTML Code - used for tracking pixels. It will be added to the ad markup of the campaign's creatives and fired each time SSP executes the ad markup.

Beacon URL - used for tracking URL. It will be added to the Target URLs of the campaign's creatives and fired each time the banner is clicked.



Please note

Tracking pixel on the campaign level will override Global Tracking Pixel settings.

Attribution Links - provides a possibility to notify 3rd Party Network about user interaction with the ad(Impression, Click, Conversion)


When all the settings are done press the Save button. New Creative form will be displayed.