Quick Start Guide

Learn how to set up your first campaign in a DSP from zero to completion.

After you log in to your DSP, you want to create your first campaign and start bidding.
In order to make this possible, please follow these steps:

  1. Create an SSP endpoint.
  2. Create a Campaign.
  3. Connect your campaign to this SSP endpoint.
  4. Set the campaign's Targeting.
  5. Create at least one Creative.
  6. Provide the SSP endpoint URL to your SSP partner.

Let's take a closer look at each step.

STEP 1: Set an SSP Endpoint for bidding

Our first step is to create an endpoint to provide your SSP partner with a link that they will use to send traffic to you.

You can do it via the SSP Endpoints tab in the Traffic Settings option on the left sidebar menu.

  1. Press Manage SSPs button.
  1. In the following tab press the Create new SSP button to add your SSP partner to the platform. Fill in its name and press the Save button.
  2. Go back to the SSP Endpoints tab and press Create new endpoint.
  3. Fill in all the required fields like name, SSP partner from the dropdown list, Open RTB protocol version for this endpoint, and notification type.
  1. Press the Save button.

After saving the endpoint, the platform will generate an Endpoint URL that needed to be provided to your SSP partner.


STEP 2: Campaign creation

Our next step is to create the campaign.

  1. Choose the "Campaigns" option on the left sidebar menu.

  2. On the Campaigns tab press the Create new campaign button.

  3. Set your campaign name.

  4. Please set these Basic Settings to move forward:

  • The bid price for this campaign - the price you want to pay for banners from this campaign.
  • Pricing model - CPM (cost per mile) / CPC (cost per click).
  • Auction type - First price and/or Second price.

Press the NEXT button to continue the setup.

STEP 3: Endpoint connection

The first step of our targeting setup is connecting an SSP endpoint to the campaign.

To do so, press on the Select traffic source button.

  • Find created endpoint in the list, press the Allow button and then Save button.

Now your campaign is ready to bid.

And not forget to provide your SSP partner with the endpoint URL.

STEP 4: Campaign targeting

By default, your new Campaign has no targeting preferences and will participate in all the available auctions after creation. But this is not the best practice if you want to reach your audience and get higher conversions.

Let's imagine you want to show your ad only to users from the US and only with desktop devices.

Targeting Options tab will help you to configure your Campaign for these requirements.

You can access this tab via the Next button at the bottom of the Basic Settings tab or by pressing the Targeting Options on the right side, under your user name.

  • Press the Select Geo Position button, choose a country from the dropdown menu and press the Include button to add the specific country as a targeting option for this campaign.
  • Specify the device type by the appropriate checkbox: Desktop in our case.

Now you can press the SAVE button

STEP 5: Creative creation

Our last step is to set up at least one Creative to be displayed.

When all campaign settings are done you can press the SAVE button and you will be automatically redirected to the creative type choosing tab.


For example, you want to serve a simple Banner creative:

  • Click on the icon of the creative type you need: in this case, BANNER.
  • Fill in the creative name field.
  • Add your creative using the option Upload Creative in the Ad Markup section. You can choose a file from your computer or simply drag a file into the respective field.
  • Press the Upload button after choosing the creative.


Kindly Note:

Creative parameters Width and Height will be filled automatically after uploading.

  • Add the Target URL — the URL where this creative will be redirecting the user after click.
  • Press the SAVE button.

In Case You Prefer Watching Video...

Watch the 3-min overview of the new Campaign setup in a video version: