Targeting Options

This is the second tab of Campaign settings. You can set the Campaign's targeting here.


Kindly Note

It's important to specify targeting options if you want your campaign to bid on a specific audience. If you do not select any options, this Campaign will participate in the auctions for any incoming traffic.

When you select any options from this page, the Campaign will bid only for the traffic that satisfies these conditions.

Always make sure that you are 100% certain which targeting will correspond to the traffic sent from your SSPs.

Traffic Source

Here you can select the SSP endpoint(s) for bidding. You can Block and/or Allow traffic sources for this campaign. The red one is blocked and the green one is allowed.

When no particular SSP endpoints are selected, the Campaign will attempt to bid for all of them.


Geo Position

You can set geotargeting via 3 levels: Country, Region, and City. You can apply either Exclude or Include options.



Filters allow targeting by the preset list of data. You can Block and/or Allow lists similarly to what we can do with traffic sources.


Private Marketplace

This option provides you the possibility to set a private auction for specific campaigns using a specific Deal ID that should be passed by the SSP in the request.


Device Type, Traffic Type & Connection Type

Device type targeting is used to show an ad on specific devices. You can choose the device type from 3 options:

  • Desktop;
  • Phone;
  • Tablet.

Traffic type targeting is used to specify the type of required traffic for this campaign:

  • Site;
  • App.

Connection Type targeting provides you with the possibility to filter incoming traffic via its connection:

  • Ethernet;
  • WiFi;
  • Carrier.

If you include one of the values here, targeting options will be passed only for the corresponding connection type.


Gender & Age

You can target your Campaign for the specific Gender.


Age targeting allows to target users a specific age. You can Block and/or Allow the proper age ranges.


You can also Exclude Children Under 13 Years (COPPA)



Please Note

Not all SSPs send information regarding the user's Gender and Age. Contact your manager to find out which APPs send it.

OS & Browser

OS — targeting by a specific operating system. You can set targeting for the operating system and its version (optional). If the OS version is newer or equal to the designated value, the targeting is passed.


Browser targeting will restrict ad impressions only to specified browsers. You also can optionally add a minimal version of the target browser.



Please Note

"Include" status near OS and Browser targeting options shows the current status of this option.
You can click on it and change the status to Exclude.


Extensions & Keywords Filters

The Extensions Filter provides you with the possibility to set targeting on specific values that should be passed by SSP as an "ext" parameter in the "user", "site" or "device" object in the request.


Extention parameter names and their values should be specified on the campaign. Also, you can set the property of an extension filter - Include or Exclude.


The Keywords Filter is a part of the Extensions Filter functionality, but with an already specified name (keywords). Also can be set with Include or Exclude status.


Date and Time

The Date and Time option provides you the possibility to set a specific day and/or time range (in UTC +0) when this campaign will be working.



Please Note

"Include" status near Date and Time targeting options show the current status of this option.
You can click on it and change the status to Exclude.

Other targeting options

  • Stores - Google Play/Appstore/Other;
  • Store Application Category - filter traffic by the store application category;
  • Fold Position - provides a possibility to specify where on the page you want to show your banner. Requires fold position data in incoming SSP requests;
    • User Segments - filter traffic by Segments;
    • Geo-fence;
    • Category - IAB category;
    • Language - user browser/app language;
    • User Agent Pattern - User-Agent string;
    • Device make - manufacturer, company, or the name of the device;
    • Ad Placements - Identifier for specific ad placement or ad tag used to initiate the auction. The value of this parameter depends on how the Publisher sets it;
    • Traffic with missing device ID;
    • IFA Lists - filter traffic by predefined IFA Lists.


Why does bidding fails?

You're sure that all your Targeting should work fine with the traffic you're getting from your SSP, but the Campaign doesn't bid?

Please refer to our guide on How to Troubleshoot Campaigns using the Creative Debug.

Targeting setup video tutorial

Watch this 3-min video tutorial to grasp all the info we provided above, but in another format:

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