User Management

This page allows you to manage user accounts.

You can see the list of all users of your WL DSP here. This page provides you with the means to create, edit and disable users via this page.


User Creation

Press the Create New User button to add a new user.


Fill in all the fields and press the Save button.

User Management

You can select any user from the list to edit their information.


You can make changes to the user information, assign a Manager to this user, set a user-specific markup and daily limit, as well as manage the pricing and payment.

Once the user is created, they'll receive the verification email. However, you can manually verify the user by clicking the button near their email address.

Payment Models determine the conditions on which the user can spend their budget:

  • Prepay — user can run their Campaigns only after they've deposited the funds.
  • Net — user can run their Campaigns without depositing funds. It's assumed you'll bill this user according to their Net value.

Pricing Models determine the spend pricing calculation for the user:

  • Fixed — the user spend is calculated based on their Bid Price set on the Campaign level: spend = bid price. However, the markup is withdrawn from the winning price.
  • Variable — the user spend is calculated based on Second-type auction win price and markup: spend = win price + bid price × markup.

Status dropdown allows you to set the status of the particular user to Active, Disabled, or Deleted.

You can also mark the user as Fraudulent if their activities are suspicious. This status will be visible to Administrator users.

There is also a possibility to set the Auto-Approve option for a user. Their creatives will be approved automatically upon creation/updates instead of the manual Creatives moderation by this user's manager(s).

User Management Video Tutorial

Check out a brief video tutorial on user management in a white-label DSP:

Further Reading

Once the users are set up, they can start their activities.