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To create a new banner please fill in mandatory field Name and settings listed below.

Basic Settings:

Device Type: Desktop, Phone, Tablet;
Traffic type: Site, App;
Bid Price (CPM) - CPM price of the banner. Overrides Campaign price for this banner;
Frequency Cap (24 Hours) - banner view by unique user per 24 hours. Overrides Campaign Frequency Cap for this banner;
Frequency Cap (30 days) - banner view by unique user per 30 days. Overrides Campaign Frequency Cap for this banner.

Creative Attributes - media attributes of the creative.
Creative Category - category of ad that will be displayed.

Ad Markup

  • Duration - video ad duration;
  • Video start delay - defines the start point of ads;
  • Companion Types - types of resources contain companion ads(?);
  • Video mime type;
  • Protocols - VAST protocol;
  • Video API type;
  • Size - video ads sizes;
  • Width - width in px;
  • Height - height in px;
  • Wrapper Type URI or Tag;
  • Macro List - click to add needed dynamic macro(s);
  • Landing Page TLD - landing page top level domain.

Targeting Options:

  • Fold position - where the banner should be displayed;
  • Connection type: Unknown, Ethernet, WIFI, Carrier;
  • Category - IAB category;
  • Interstitial - is used to serve pops;
  • Min duration;
  • Max duration.

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